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At Pune Group, we believe in nurturing and enhancing the developer-client relationship that exists between us and our clients. We aim to develop long-term relationships that are both beneficial and convenient to all our clients.

Since day one, we have been pushing ourselves to better understand our clients’ needs and expectations and to provide them with highly efficient and cost-effective services.

At Pune Group, we do not just develop and sell property; we sell entire lifestyle packages in line with our vision of providing quality lifestyle to our clients.

Every Pune Group client enjoys value-added services that are uniquely PG. In fact, Pune Group is the very first company in Penang to provide such a complete package.

We believe in freeing our clients from the hassle of approaching and hiring multiple consultants and agencies to manage their property needs.

Pune Group has diversified and take into more challenges in a construction industry specialize in infrastructure works, plotting, government contracts, road & drainage construction, various types of residential buildings including landed properties and condominiums, commercial and government buildings, schools, canteens, hospitals in Pune.

The project team at Pune Group thrives on challenging projects of unique character, offering a full range of plots & construction services from having successfully tendered, constructed and completed on time for all the projects. With its proven track records and dedication to excellence, Pune Group supports every project from small scale to large projects with excellent leadership and commitment, building upon its reputation as one of most dynamic and versatile group.

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Nandkumar Chavan 

Executive Director